Getting there is half the fun

O.k. – I am a big nerd but one of my favorite things to do is plan a road trip. I love to travel and planes are cool but hitting the road in the family wagon (Honda Civic @ 40 MPG) is really going to be cool. We are headed up to Traverse City, Michigan to see my little sis graduate! Very proud of her – Love you Lauren! It is a 22 hour and 10 minute drive to northern Michigan with no traffic. is a sweet tool for planning road trips. From the home page you can click on “Plan a trip” in the left menu and then “Name your trip” enter starting and destination address any stops you plan on taking and then BAM trip is all mapped out. All you need now is Rusty with the cool pac man program to eat up your trip path.

Pumped about; pumped about seeing family and Traverse City. First thing Saturday morning we will get out to see Lauren graduate at Interlocken a seriously cool arts academy where all the local schools host their graduation ceremonies. Blake and I went up a few years back to see my little brother graduate – beautiful place. I think Demi and Bruce’s daughter attends the program there.

Next couple of days we will get to hang out with the family; a couple of days with everyone and then some of us are headed out to The Great Wolf Lodge an indoor water park (it’s 62° there right now) – Chad hooked us up for a few days. Then Myra, the kids and I head out to Mackinac Island. This place is seriously cool – ok, imagine no motorized vehicles anywhere on the island. The entire island is horse-drawn carriages, bicycles or on foot. You have to get to the island by airplane, boat or hydro-jet ferry. Myra and I stayed at the Inn at Stonecliffe last time we went – it was amazing. We toured the British Fort Mackinaw, ate at the Pink Pony and almost borrowed a kayak for a little lake trip. Myra bailed on the kayak since “it was not ours”, bummer. The whole experience just blew us away. To get to our hotel on the back side of the island we had a 20 minute horse carriage ride and the horses had to stop a couple of times each way (poor guys) – they were huge percheron and clydesdale horses.

After Mackinaw we’ll head back to Gina’s house – Blake wants to make a quick pit stop in Canada so he can see what another country looks like. I picked up a cool five dollar bill last time we went up, so he wants to get some Canadian money and check out the local vibe. Oh yea, on the way in Myra and I were stopped and pulled inside the border patrol offices and questioned – she did not have fun (lol) it was interesting.

Love road trips – love to see different parts of the country and getting there, the anticipation of seeing and experiencing everything is half the fun.

One thought on “Getting there is half the fun

  1. hope you have a great trip….Mackinac Island sounds cool

    i will have to check out for our road trip to Tennessee in August

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