WoodlandsChurch.tv Prepared for Hurricane IKE

Yes, we are open for Church services this weekend. Our Church is located just north of Houston, Texas. During the 2005 Hurricanes Katrina($41 Billion in damage) and Rita we had hundreds and thousands of people come across our campus seeking shelter, food, water, restrooms and just a break from the gridlock traffic on I-45 north.

In the past twelve hours Hurricane Ike decided to take a turn pointing directly at the Galveston and Houston area. This morning Pastor Kerry called an emergency meeting and we quickly worked out an action plan for the predicted impact and devastation. We have listed six areas on the website at www.woodlandschurch.tv, we also integrated a church staff text communication process that will allow us to communicate internally regarding action items and updates. You can track with us on the website and also via twitter http://www.twitter.com/woodlandschurch.

Overall the evacuation is going well, much more organized. Mayor Bill White and Houston city officials have done an excellent job with communicating and evacuating appropriate areas. The storm is expected to make landfall early Saturday morning about 1:00am. My grandmother and Aunt have decided to stay at home in League City, Texas. I think they will be fine, but this will be a rough storm to ride out that close to the coast. What’s interesting is that we just move my Aunt Carol from Texas City, Texas (just north of Galveston) here to our neighborhood. Well she is actually staying with us for a couple of weeks until her house closes. Always fun to have a hurricane party!

If you would like to make an impact with us; large or small; you can check out areas where we are focusing relief here: http://www.woodlandschurch.tv/

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On Twitter: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=hurricane+ike 

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