7 thoughts on “Waiting in Line for gas

  1. funny. lost the data on the save. Blakers and I are waiting in line for gas. Aunt carol just bought a generator. Nice. Two to three weeks without power. We are car # 6 out of 300.

  2. we are at walmart in tomball Texas. Blake says the things he will remember the most is trees on homes and cars. I ready for some chain saw cleanup. Wind picking up again. Temp dropping. Feels oh so nice. 68 degrees tonight.

  3. back from chainsaw tree clearing. Alan Splawn is amazing. Truly. People were in tears today they were so grateful. Good to hang out and do wild frontier work again. Very refreshing. Houston areas are a total diaster war zone. And people are spending time with each other. Neighbors are cooking out together, working together, enjoying each other. Inspiring.

  4. ok some blog therapy. Here’s it is. Spent 3.25 hours getting gas yesterday then ran to church to check in . Got home and aunt blew a gasket on us. I ofcourse blew it by saying something like “look, if you can’t figure out how to chill and think about others instead of yourself, especially right now then I can’t help and you should head back to your house.” something along those lines. It just blew my mind how self-centered an self-serving people can be. More on this later. I feel better but yet still worse.

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