Apple Ad Awesomeness

Great job, once again to Apple. The ad featured on the New York Times site, kicks some serious butt. Very very cool, very effective. Talk about creating brand awareness, reinforcement, loyalty and buzz. Hopefully this stays up for a while. Good stuff. The Internet is evolving, seriously, just turn off your computer for a few weeks then turn it back on and take note of the change. It is that fast.

2 thoughts on “Apple Ad Awesomeness

  1. so you are a ‘brand’ expert, so I was curious what you think about Microsoft and their ‘brand’ issue

    they seem to be stuck with this “nerdy, corporate, boring, uncool” image……and it seems to only be getting worse with Apple reinforcing that negative image with their clever ads

    should they just accept that image and run with it instead of trying to run from it?

    they are never going to win the “who’s cooler” battle with Apple

  2. run with it. Make better more usable product is the key. Don’t just settle for ok. Go over the top with new product and ideas. Same problem American cars are having with foreign cars but they are starting to take note that new generations are here. And the boomers are buying the same stuff and gen x, y and millenials. Products that are better, cooler and fuel word of mouth.

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