The Lime Life with “LimeWire Peer to Peer Filesharing”

I just downloaded the new LimeWire software. It’s pretty cool actually. It’s a peer to peer file sharing application that really picks up where Napster left off and it does not hammer you with ads.

This file sharing network quickly replaced the famous old Napster after it has been shut down and is now more popular than ever..

The new cleaned up Java interface in version 4.1  of Limewire looks way better than earlier versions. You know it’s made for the business of exchanging files and nothing distracts from that goal.

Because it is written in Java it can be used on any Operating System where java can be installed. That includes Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and Solaris.

This has also disadvantages. It needs Java to run. That means you should take care that you always have the latest version of Java installed on your computer and it’s quite “resource heavy”.

Another reason for it’s success might be, that it doesn’t tackle you with ad-ware, nag-ware or hurting colors. It just convinces with a clear and transparent surface for searching, downloading, browsing and collecting files.

Pick up your copy here: Post your comments on your rating of the new application.

2 thoughts on “The Lime Life with “LimeWire Peer to Peer Filesharing”

  1. Watch out on Limewire! There’s some corrupt people … well files … out there! Srsly. Better than torrentz i spose, check out the PirateBay sometime 🙂

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