Who doesn’t love the Beastie Boys and the John Otjen.

I honestly love the instantaneous feed of life recorded through the Internet and social media. I almost cracked a rib watching this bad boy. Here is a clip of “The John Otjen” rockin out to The Beastie Boys, singing “Sabotage”. It is amazing. Trust me. Or better yet, check it out for yourself:


I believe the crew in Oklahoma City were throwing a going away party for Aaron Havens who is now living and ministering in Mexico. Props to Aaron who is just following a call; he moved his family into one of the poorest areas of the world to just be Jesus to people. Check out his blog and journey at http://openapologies.org/. Some really cool thoughts and more importantly actions from these guys.

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.”

Titus 2:11


Do you stand proud of the kingdom you’ve built?


Does this merit an apology?”

My response: I probably have not discovered the level of boldness that Christ had for His Church while he was here on this earth. This life is definitely a struggle. I wonder everyday why it seems so hard to do it well. I too have many apologies to give; but better to live them out than just offer words. I thank God everyday for His favor and grace.


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