Blakers Selected to Present Award to Lloyd Meador

I am chilling at Panera Bread this morning before my son’s school dedication and award ceremony. He mentioned last night right after baseball that he was supposed to present an award this morning at school. Myra and I had not heard a thing about it but apparently the school was holding a dedication ceremony and presenting an award to W. Lloyd Meador this schools namesake. He was so excited, he looked straight at me and said “you have to be there”.

I am very proud of him. It is interesting how our kids and families help keep us anchored and focused on what is important. Over the past several weeks, some of my best and happiest moments have come from spending time with my family. Thank you God for your reminder of what is most important in this life.

Lloyd Meador Quick Facts from

Named in honor of a long-time Willis resident, W. Lloyd Meador Elementary features nearly 45 classrooms and six labs in seven hallways.

Born and raised in Willis, William Lloyd Meador graduated from Willis High School in 1942. His three children, including Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador, all graduated from the school in the top of their class. William Lloyd Meador also served 14 years as a WISD trustee.

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