bed fast-forward rewind fast-forward stop dark quite coffee!? 4:14am what maybe there is a gift ha too early crazy another birthday. it’s early. ok. shhhut door(s). hallway. books. papers. NIV. mom gave me this one. coffee pot. clean. grounds. water. button. couch. tv. facebook birthdays. google 34. twitter. flickr 34. wordpress. something more. real. just today. now. what are you going to do? where do we go from here? why? friends. family. we do. fun. interesting. smile. experience. each other. today. dad. forgiven. love blakers. Myra. chloe. minnesota garbage man. ha. today. cnn. vote. today. significance. here. right here. thirty four.

One thought on “34

  1. Myra threw me a cool little surprise party by the way. We had cake and pizza just before our street jumped on the hay ride and went trick or treating. Fun stuff. Our plans for a night out did not happen which bummed me out a bit. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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