Mythbusters Adam Savage @Twitter

What would you say to Adam or Jamie from Mythbusters if you bumped into them on the street? What if you bumped into them on First if you do not have a Twitter account, get one. I saw a tweet go out to “donttrythis” and the content was about not taking Buster this time the he and Jamie would have to be the dummies. I shot them a direct message about Blake loving the show and to keep up the good work. Here is what I got back:


Technology amazes me sometimes. Also check out the post from Pastor Mark from Mars Hill Church. I am parked on the couch ready to catch the program on ABC. I am interested to see what caught the news media attention. It was probably his series on tough questions. He recently did a strong message series about the tough question related to “sex” of course and other things.

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Lots of fun on tonight. Still amazes me.

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