Design Influence // Stealing or Subconscious


Kind of cool to bump into similar design work every now and then but this one is way to close to call. Here is our theory on how this happened. Several months ago our Creative Director Justin designed some concepts that were influenced by the movie “Duplicity” but his concepts look nothing like the art style above.

Several months later, I threw together a quick design based on some influence by and Justin’s new direction and came up with the design above (right) for Men’s Backpacking 2009. 360’d back to the original art, almost.

Funny stuff. What’s your take on the whole deal? Stealing or subconscious flow of creativity?

One thought on “Design Influence // Stealing or Subconscious

  1. Stealing, plain and simple. Same color scheme, same font, same use of black and white photos with slanted layout.

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