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Just a quick screen capture of the live Sunday service webcast from


It’s great to see churches broadcast their service over the Internet. I wanted to see the camera angles, shots, etc. It’s always interesting to see how much effort goes into different church web casts. goes all out with an Internet Campus pastor and the option to choose worship services and more. recently launched their new Internet campus a month or so ago.

So when are we launching? That’s the question. Submitting the details for our 2009 vision and goals next week. Fun stuff.


Still bringing it. Internet Campus.


3 thoughts on “Church Internet Campuses // // //

  1. You know I was encouraged to see (in particular Newspring) doing live stuff. In particular as I like the interaction and chat ability to talk to others about my evolving ideas during worship. However I quickly found out old thinking new trick….man I felt like a sucker

  2. I have been seeking and thinking about the church’s problem with innovation as a whole. And when taken in brief historical context, I notice a similar pattern of “dressing up” old thinking. The church is still run by middle age white middle class males and I think the product can be modified by external influences but the core not changed. I recently heard marc andressen say that “the death of things is what causes innovation to have opportunity”. Newspring’s online campus solidified for me the same message that I see in most churches. If I closed my eyes I was back in the midwest in a wooden pew, smelling the dusty hymnal and wearing a small grey suit. Have we worked hard to market the small grey suit?

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