Woodlands Church and “Where The Wild Things Are”


Series art for “Where The Wild Things Are” Capturing the Wonder of an Untamed God. We had a ton of fun shooting for this one. The original story was written by Maurice Sendak. You can check out the new movie trailer here http://wherethewildthingsare.warnerbros.com/. Woodlands Church is kicking off the new series right after Easter! The video team is working on the promo video now and we should have a link soon to preview. By the way, the kids in the shot are Blakers and Savannah, they did an amazing job. Also, we had a seriously talented team involved in this project: Justin Keller, Roy Ford, Toby Canning and Charles Booth. Very very fun. Here are some shots.


One more. Kinda blurry but still cool.


Geoff McFetridge did all of the hand-drawn title sequencing for the upcoming release of Spike Jonzeā€™s, ā€œWhere The Wild Things Areā€ full length feature film.


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