Chief Innovation Officer, CIO


Our staff recently had the pleasure of meeting with Roger Berry, Chief Information Officer of Disney Parks and Resorts and to say the least “we have been inspired”. What an amazing experience. Just to make good use of time I am copying or “stealing” notes from my good friend Aaron Unnasch who seems to be a bit more disciplined at recording his thoughts electronically.

Comments from Roger below: (Thanks Aaron)

  • At Disney, technology doesn’t make the “magic” happen, but it does enable it.
  • God has given everyone the gift of technology. It is our responsibility to learn how He wants us to use it.
  • When things are good, the demand for technology goes up. When things are bad, the demand for technology goes up.
  • IT must have a seat alongside Finance, HR, and Marketing at the governance table.
  • IT must be a part of the decision making process. If not, it is a formula for disaster.
  • His 5 points of focus: 1) Stability & Performance 2) Talent Management 3) Segment Strategy 4) Total Cost of Ownership 5) New Technology & Innovation
  • Disney knows everything about their customers. They are a trusted brand and, therefore, people willingly share lots of personal information.
  • We are more alike than you think. Disney has Intenders –> Repeaters –> Worldphiles. The church has Seekers –> Members –> Disciples.
  • You don’t have the resources that Disney has, but you do have power that Disney doesn’t have.
  • I believe technology is given to us by God, but it is also a tool of the devil.
  • Does your technology plan align with the mission and vision of your organization?
  • Are you continually leveraging new technology?
  • Will technology change your brand?
  • Iteration is important at Disney. We release then release then release….improving each time.
  • When I was at Campbell Soup, consultants told us that bad marketing decisions 15 years ago caused us to miss an entire generation. Don’t be late.

Who have you encountered that fits the bill of a Chief Innovation Officer and are you on the journey to take that next step into leadership? Are you truly earning that title “Innovator”? I am refreshing my vision of where I can make the largest impact and seeking God for guidance in this process. Always fun. Always challenging. Who would have it any other way.

Thanks for the feedback: Comments Welcome

2 thoughts on “Chief Innovation Officer, CIO

  1. it was definitely an inspiring presentation for those of us who love innovation and technology

    really liked how he challenged the church to leverage technology

    in recent years, I am definitely discovering that I need to be in a role where I can innovate, create, build new stuff, look to the future. just maintaining existing stuff doesn’t really light my fire.

  2. Disney is a great model for the church in another area as well – creating “customer” experiences. Along with the CIO, how about another “C-Suite” position for the church: Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

    They would lead the team that focuses on “guestology” – the art and science of knowing your customer.

    Great post!

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