Fair Trade Market The Woodlands, Texas

Fair Trade Market – September Weekends in November @woodlandschurch

Here’s the scoop from “Trade as One”: We’d like to say they were our idea, but really we just kept hearing the same thing from people at event after event. Women were determined to change their spending habits, and buy their olive oil, chocolate, coffee, and tea through only fair trade channels, but they didn’t know where to get them. So we set up the program to allow any church or coffee shop to keep fair trade items in stock all year round. It’s a great way to make fair trade convenient. Now we have churches all over the country that are known in their communities as the place to go for Fair Trade in their communities. We think that’s pretty cool.  It’s about changing habits.  Host a Trading Post in your area. Trading Posts are about giving people quick, easy, convenient ways to change their spending habits.

Interested? Email kevin@tradeasone.com to get more info.

Fair Trade Market Weekends in September “Trade As One” http://bit.ly/fairtradehouston #thewoodlands #houston #fairtrade RT plz

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