Filtering to the next Generation

Working through the principle – What we do effects everything. We can have a positive impact on this world or the inverse – and it’s our choice. What impact are you having on the world around you? What we are doing today will eventually filter down to the next generation. It will. You can bet on it. Ripple Effect. Starting this weekend @woodlandschurch

One thought on “Filtering to the next Generation

  1. Myra and I just found out the hard way how everything we do, watch, listen to and speak affects our kids.

    We had to have the talk with them about the good and bad of the internet. That they will have to be able to choose between right and wrong – and a simple click is not so simple. It has major consequences.

    Wow. What a night. Praying for wisdom and protection for them and for to filter some of their content.

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