52″ SmartTV by Apple*

How many years until we all have the brand new 52″ Apple SmartTV* ?

Technology is moving. Fast. Just think about this: a bit more than 100 years ago Ford Motor Company started putting cars together on an assembly line – a major technology advancement. Now we are streamlining how we access information and communicate with different people and culture groups all over the globe. Get ready to see technology rapidly change our world. Here are the quick stats from 2007 just for comparison:

  • What’s next? X.X B (post it)
  • Mobile Phone 2.7 B
  • Television 1.5 B
  • Credit Card Users 1.4 B
  • Interent 1.1 M
  • PC Users 850 M
  • Registered Vehicles 800 M

Stats from Cameron Moll’s book, Mobile Web Design, and link. Also, for more on where Mobile is going see: MW4D Mobile Web for Social Development Road Map (MW4D) #mobile #web

*it’s real, it just hasn’t replaced your TV, yet. And it’s not quite 52 inches.

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