Google’s Angel Investors

Who or what are you investing in? Google’s employees have done well since the company went public six years ago. Excellent article here at Business Week. Investing in people and ideas is something I am really digging right now. I can think of ten people right now who are interested in starting a company, three of them have a business plan and two of them are actually making it happen.

My little brother is down from Michigan for a couple of weeks. He is studying to be a chef and has some great experience. He has two years to go and is working towards his degree in culinary arts but it sounds like he is leaning towards traveling to experience different cultures and cuisine. It’s amazing to see when people come alive and passionate about something. He and I brainstormed for a couple of hours and he may test out a mobile cuisine service for their local Cherry Festival or Film Festival in Traverse City.

If he moves forward with it I will post updates and hopefully some video clips of his Journey. I believe in him – yes because he is my brother but also because he has experience, passion and is an excellent cook. The question is when the rubber meets the road. Would I invest in his journey? What could I do to help propel his efforts? I have a few ideas. It’s fun.

Fun topic. Just the start of it hopefully. =)

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