The Crick Family – Hospital Trek in New Zealand

My sister and her family are currently in New Zealand working to connect with the local church in Queenstown and surrounding area. My brother in law is suffering from major lower back pain and sounds like the doctors are saying he has a bulging disc. Lay-mans terms, lots of pain. Last night around 8:30pm an ambulance transported him to the nearest hospital with MRI scan capabilities so they could get an updated look at how bad his back is. Blows my mind what we take for granted here in the states. Quick info-graphic showing the trek. Took 3 hours to get there.

Google Map Link with more detail >>

Praying constantly for them. They are 100% supported by donations and are currently spending the last part of their savings on the medical expenses. You can learn more about The Crick Family at their blog. Thank you for joining us in praying for them and they definitely love reading and hearing your encouragement while they are on this journey.

I will be more organized on my next post – just being a bit of a concerned brother at the moment.

3 thoughts on “The Crick Family – Hospital Trek in New Zealand

  1. Very nice work with the map. The boys and I chased that ambulance, at night, through the mountains. Think small, winding road. We were moving, and praying. Adrenaline is a powerful friend.

    Leighton was admitted Saturday night, but will wait till Monday for the MRI. With the results, the doctors will determine if surgery is necessary. They are taking good care of him. We hope to have all of this resolved soon, and get home.

    Thanks for the love. You are the best.

  2. Hey!! This site is amazing!! I didn’t know that you were a designer. You should check out my husband’s blog site: I wanted to leave a message on your ad for Sakrid T’s, that’s right here in Springfield! AND the owner’s name is Jodi!! She’s really sweet and we LOVE her stuff. My friend since first grade owns a maternity store and has her Momma and baby tees there. Lyric (my son) has the one that says “I’m kind-of a big deal around here”, it’s awesome. Well anyway, I hope everything is great there!! I miss you all. You have a GORGEOUS family. Tell everyone HI! See ya!

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