Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Who are your neighbors – do you love them?  If questionable maybe go back and read the first part – “LOVE the LORD your GOD” – with everything you are. Do you love you? Who God created you to be? On a scale of 0 to 10 how much do you really love who you are and the life you have right now? Do you have a clear understanding what you are to do today? Are you right where you are supposed to be – or is it a place that would rank high “In Your Comfort Zone”? Have you stepped out to risk in FAITH?

What are you doing TODAY that takes a large amount of FAITH? Are you still MOVABLE? Would you step out and risk if He asked you to?

If you really want to know where God wants you – I challenge you to journal over the next 30 days – read proverbs and get on your knees each morning and thank God for what he has done in your life then ask him to reveal his plan for you. He made you – YES he has a plan for you. Seriously, just ask. Or if I have totally confused you with this random blog post – feel free to drop me a question. I know any step of FAITH is the best step you will ever take – you will never regret it. Seek Him and you will find Him and you will find you as well.

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