Drive Conference 2010 *Inside North Point Church

Drive Conference Top Five Takeaways

North Point Church, Atlanta Georgia
Senior Pastor Andy Stanley

1. Pay Attention to Rhythm
There is a rhythm, flow or momentum in most everything we do: creative work, professional and personal growth, organizational or team growth. Rhythm can also be described as a season and most of the time will have a pattern. 

We must pay attention – we must learn the rhythm of our community and church, staff and teams and fuel it when appropriate.  Do not fight this natural rhythm – build into it and on it. Use it to propel your efforts.

2. Tension Can Be Healthy
Not all tension is a problem to be solved. It just needs to be managed. Teams need to have fun together, work hard together but also conflict or tension is expected if it is healthy and growing.  We must learn the difference between a problem to be solved and a healthy tension. We must be comfortable leading, hearing and managing ongoing tension. Very important for members of the team to understand this principle.

  • Excellence vs Financial Stewardship
  • Feed the Flock vs Reach the Un-churched
  • Build a Children’s Building vs Build an Orphanage

How to distinguish between problems to solve and tensions to manage.

  • Does this problem or tension keep resurfacing?
  • Do both sides have mature representation?
  • Are the two side interdependent – or this is not an either or situation, we need both?

3. Clarify The Win
Understanding what the priority or measurement for success is one of the most important pieces to helping people and ultimately the organization succeed. 

Define what the end goal is for your organization, for the weekend service, for any special project or goal – take time to define and underline why we are doing what we are doing and how it will be measured. Everyone must understand what “The Win” looks like. This helps everyone understand that decisions are based on the priority or desired impact.

4. Create A Culture Where Leaders Thrive
Culture Drives performance. Let leaders lead – even if there is risk involved. Try to minimize the risk and test out an idea and review the results? Great leaders to need high support and high challenge. If they do not have both they will either lean towards rebelling or boredom. 

Define the vision & mission and wins of your culture. Measuring everything against those. Hire only those who are passionate and fit that culture. Leaders are very humble, they are ambitious and ready to serve. Continually observe staff providing opportunities and coach them appropriately.

5. Effectiveness Formula
For any project or deliverable pay attention to the level of quality delivered and expected acceptance. The end result will show you the actual effectiveness. Note: Top quality with low acceptance has little to no effectiveness.

Quality x Acceptance = Effectiveness
(ex: 10Q x 5A = 50%E) or (9Q x 10A = 90%E)

For Drive Conference 2010 downloads, media files and inside North Point Church resources visit their staff and leaders site:

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