Echo Thoughts

– We are all creative, every one of us.
– Take time to listen, then listen some more.
– Quit thinking about what God has put on your heart — do it.
– Be available, take risks, prepare to “Go Big”. Stop letting yourself stall out.
– Communicate clearly, know who you are communicating with.
– Take time for others. Know their name. That is a start to a new conversation and relationship.
– Fatherlessness is killing the U.S.  What can you do about it?
– Tell a better story, people are rarely moved by stats and goals but by a STORY. — Donald Miller
– Go Big or Go Home – Help others execute their big vision. Your big vision will come and then you will be ready.
– Have a strategy, a plan, execute it, measure it and revise it. (repeat)
– We are not the hero. Jesus is.

Had a great time at the Echo Conference this year. Met some great people with common vision and goals. Loved sharing thoughts and ideas with peers and hearing from those who are in our world everyday. Love seeing the movement of the church and how it is again becoming less and less about the medium and more and more about the Message.

More about Echo Conference 2010 via Twitter #Echo10, Flickr Echo Conference and Echo site.

2 thoughts on “Echo Thoughts

  1. larry — would you please email me with your contact info? i am member at woodlands church; have a venture with an innovative smartphone app, need to network to find individual (ideally local) who does graphic design work in this area, and am hoping you can point me in right direction.


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