New iPhone or Droid?

Ok, so I am selling my Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) – curious for those of you who have done the same. Do you recommend upgrading to the iPhone 4 or going for the new Droid? The international market for smart phones is crazy. Our friend just sold his for over $600.00. Seriously.

Mobile phone service plans and even the phone purchase is now subsidized by countries and becoming more available since third world countries cannot offer telecommunications infrastructure. The rest of the world just may catch up in the next 25 years. Remember when “global economy” was just a debate in freshman economics?

Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) White (ebay link) Sold $460 (fraud) Sold $361 (legit)

Apple iPhone 3G (16GB) Black (ebay link) Sold $198

*Decision: Went with the new iPhone 4 16GB – love it! Reception is a bit off out here in the rurals, waiting on new case to help with that. Heard that was an issue. Ah, well. If it turns out to be horrible. I think I will try next time. I hear it’s better for selling your gadgets.

4 thoughts on “New iPhone or Droid?

  1. I upgraded to iPhone 4. It is an incredible device. So fast.

    If you are eligible for an upgrade, Radio Shack will buy your old iPhone from you with credit that you can use towards a new iPhone 4.

    They gave me $107 for my old 3G (8GB) so I only had to pay $93 for the new iPhone 4.

    They willl give you over $200 for that 3GS (32GB).

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