A Revealing Question

Ok, so you’re standing side-stage just behind the curtain at the most attended leadership conference in 2011. You are speaking to the most driven, innovative and talented leaders on the planet. What will you tell them? How will you let them into your world, inspire and challenge them?

For me I love to hear people’s heart, their struggle, their journey.  I love to hear insights on new ventures and the challenges they have encountered along the way. But the truth is all those things just give credibility and set the stage.

I attended an Innovation Technology round table with the LifeChurch.tv team a year or so ago and also spent some time with Bobby Gruenwald and Terry Storch and left that day with this one question “What are you doing today? Not what did you do last month or last year, but what are you doing today?” That question was stuck on replay for hours and even days. I remember so clearly reading this very same idea in Dell’s mission and vision model — “Keep the celebration short so you can get back to Innovating.” more or less. Not sure how they measure up today but it’s still a very clear idea.

Our team decided to answer this question and started developing a prototype of church online and live streaming for our church. Three months later we were live streaming and answering questions live from stage to anyone all over the U.S. who was attending online as well as in-person (via Twitter using ParaTweet). That next month we were the front page story in the Houston Chronicle “Praise for Technology“. It was wild to say the least. How many conferences and talks will you attend before you actually decide to start making an impact?

Revealing Questions

  • What are you doing today that is making an impact?
  • What are your strengths & are you using them?
  • Do you have people in your life that challenge you to be your best?

Ok, so if the first question is not tough enough, you may find the second question a bit tougher. What are your strengths? Do you know them or are you guessing? This past year I took Strengths Finder 2.0 and the final report nailed me down as Learner, Strategic & Achiever among others. Very revealing and accurate. If you have not taken it and have not taken your team through it I highly recommend it.

But before you even do that. Take some time and inventory what you and your team have done in the past 3-6 months. Are you innovating or maintaining. Don’t get stagnant. Don’t be afraid to reveal what is truly happening in your role, team and organization.

What revealing questions have impacted you? Post here, I would love to check them out.

One thought on “A Revealing Question

  1. revealing questions for sure.

    so thankful for the foundation that you laid before me at Woodlands Church. still seeing your fingerprints on so many things.

    love you idea of keeping the inventory

    i keep a list for our team that includes….

    1) What we’ve done (so we can celebrate what we’ve accomplished & recognize the contributions of our people)

    2) What we’re doing (to ensure we are moving forward, while not burning out our people)

    3) What we’re going to do (so that we have a vision & a roadmap to get there)

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