New Mobile App Launch

Just released a brand new GFC App today to the Android Market. It’s in beta of course so if you find any bugs or weird happenings – leave feedback here on the blog. Also, happy to say that is meeting our need for mobile content pretty well. It’s great to have a Free option to create and publish mobile apps to test the water and see where and how it would be wise to invest further. I am pretty happy with the solutions for both iPhone and Android. The Android functionality is limited to RSS feeds mostly but allows users to access our streaming media, flickr, blog posts and some social media.

By the way, publishing an Android App is about 1000 times simpler than the iPhone app. Excellent work Google for keeping things simple.

So what’s the cost so far, about 40 hours of my time, $99 Apple Developer Registration fee & $0 zero for Android. Working on publishing the Microsoft Windows version at the moment, invested another $99 App Hub registration fee but should be good to go after another several rounds of inefficient communication with Microsoft =) (Sorry, but if you only knew.)

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