Big Dreams

Just to warn you. This is a response to a challenge to define what my BIG DREAM was and if I still had it in me to go for it.  If you don’t know my story this may seem a bit odd but here you go. This is the bullet point version with many gaps but it’s a start.

Part I – Us

I am working daily to clarify my BIG DREAM but as of right now it’s making sure our kiddos know they are loved and that they have a solid foundation for life. To find out how to consistently love my wife Myra in the way she needs. We are both so broken it’s tough sometimes. By broken, I mean we have survived excruciating loss. I’ll have to write a book on all that but trust me when I say broken for us is sometimes best described as a black hole. So the first part of my ‘dream’ is to get ‘us’ right. That’s a huge deal.

Part II – Connected 

I would love to start a “connected” community hub that integrates tech/design/new media & a mentor/relationship with real accountability for people who want to step off a path that leads to nowhere onto a path with possibility. Accountability for personal goals but also measurement for real world – real impact goals.

To underline that while we have this awesome time on Earth we also are a part of a larger plan. We were created to love Him and love others. To share His story of sacrifice for us. He could have come to this earth to destroy us… to punish us… which is what we have seemed to do very well on our own. But He chose to send His son to let us know there is a different choice, even in pain, hurt and wounds — we could still choose to love.

Part III – Discovery

I think my dream is to be what I have always wanted. A real encouraging, loving, friend. The issue, for me at least to is being able to look past my own void and actually be just that. Most of the time I am the exact opposite. Especially to those I love the most. Not cool but true.

That’s a start for me. What’s your BIG DREAM?

6 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. love this. my dreams are similar. they are relational (i don’t think we bonded well with our parents). but they have been taken out of my hand. i think that is what suffering can do that. right now i don’t really know where i am or what i’m doing, but i feel that this is a part of it.

    when we were in Texas, i loved to walk Samuel and William to the park in their little red wagon. they didn’t know the way home, they just followed along and enjoyed their time with me. God asked me that day to do the same with Him:) so really, that has become the dream. lots of unexpected, but great.

    i appreciate the last part. i understand it i mean. but please know that i welcome the void in you, with everything else. we all hurt each other. you have been a good friend to me. i love you Bub:)

  2. I know we are more aquaintances than anything else but I have to say that I find this very inspiring. Your blog in general. I am at a very awkward and scary point of my life where I don’t have a plan. I get out of the Coast Guard in 3 years and…yeah…that’s all I know. My wife, Casey, is just ridiculously talented and inspires me with her art and direction. Surprises me even.

    I love your “Part II”. I dig your work. I find your willingness to be fully represented on a white webpage very encouraging.

    For what it’s worth: Thank you, Larry. You have inspired me today.

  3. Nick, thanks for the comment! You guys are awesome. Enjoy the moments while you have them. I bet your next three years and after will be an incredible adventure.

    A friend shared with me once Psalm 119:105 about how the word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path… I had so many questions about God’s plan for Myra and me and how we would know what to do. He explained that the “lamp” literally lit the path about 1 or 2 feet at a time. That’s it. Sometimes that’s all God gives us to see… the rest is just trusting Him and taking that next step. From what I know about you — you guys will do well. Invest in God and in your great girl! God will bring you opportunities, you are already off to a great start. Have fun man! Praying for you guys.

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