Day 30 No Internet

The past month has been a painful yet funny experience at the Lundstrom house. We have officially gone without Internet access or at least have experienced painfully slow speeds (worse than dial-up) since a Sprint Wireless broadband tower has failed in our area. We currently live in the country and Internet options are limited (almost non-existent). Thought I would jot down how this affected us the past 30 days.

Effects of No Internet (+ positive / negative )

  • Time with Sprint on-phone/ in-store (+10 hrs total)
  • Progress on design/development projects (10 to 14 hrs weekly)
  • Stressing about project timelines (-1 hr daily)
  • Television watching  (+1.5 hrs daily)
  • Visits to Starbucks/Other for Wifi (+1-3 visits weekly)
  • Chloe reading activity (+1-3 books weekly)
  • Myra & I talking & hanging out (+2-6 hrs weekly)
  • No Access to Xbox 360 LIVE (-1 to 2 hrs daily)
  • Sleep (+6-10 hrs weekly)

Yes, we still would like to have Internet at the house, but it has been great in some ways to not have it available. The Internet or lack-of has changed the way we live. 

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