2011 Top Five

Sharing your story is never easy, especially if it is tough and you have spent many years trying to forget it. Here are a few blog posts and video interviews of Myra and I learning how to share our past. It’s not safe, clean or simple but it is our story. Hope you enjoy and we would love to hear yours.

Legacy or Leftovers Blog Post
What will you leave your family, friends and your community? A legacy or leftovers?

BIG Dreams Blog Post
Someone challenged me to define my BIG dream and asked if I still had it in me to go for it. Love it.

He Would Be Ten Today
 Blog Post
Remembering our three year old son Colby. We lost him to Leukemia in 2004.

Courageous Fighting Video
Myra and I sharing the tough times and mistakes we made in our marriage and why we chose to fight for each other.

America, Our Ever Present Past
This is the first time Myra and I talk about how we survived losing our son to Leukemia, her mom to Lupus and mine to domestic violence, and what we did to keep our sanity through all of it.

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