We were made for this.

Last summer I joined 22 other men and hit the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico for a six day hike, camp, climb, rappel, raft trip. We took five cars and on our 14 hour trip we shared our story, who we were, and where we came from, leaving nothing out.

It was in that car I knew this was going to be a different experience.

Day three we found ourselves on the top of Jicarita Peak in the Carson National Forest. 12,835 feet high and excited to spend quiet time soaking in the view and scene right before us.

Then it hit me.

Everything we could see, miles and miles of peaks, valleys, trees, rocks, flowers, wildlife, clouds, sun, all of it, was made for us. It was made for our enjoyment. I passed out for about 10 minutes sitting on the side of the summit overlooking a valley. With my hat covering my eyes I rested in this incredible place and thanked God for the experience.

It was then I sensed I could trust and rest. It was then it was confirmed not only did He create everything we could see, all of this beauty and wonder, He quietly but surely confirmed that He made me.

Truly a solid investment to get away, but even more confirming to know, no matter where I walk or rest, that He is at work. He has made and is making all things for His glory for those who will take it all in.


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