New UX


Excited to unveil the new and improved website. Thanks to for taking the User Experience UX to a whole new level. Love the simplicity. Our next release is focused on an improved Media and Resources section.

The new site features a simpler easy to use information architecture and navigation. It’s mobile responsive so it offers rich content, to mobile users making up 47% of our audience, in a way that focuses on priorities. Content remains king but we also don’t want to overlook the aesthetic refresh and first impression. Really excited about the clean and refreshing use of space. Overall the site has jumped in content page views up by 38% over last year and average time on the page is up 8%.

A big thank you and well done to our friends at and for sure not to leave out the contribution of Innovation team at HCBC.




Yea, It’s Worth It

Father’s Day is just a week away and we are cleaning out the garage and getting ready for an incredible weekend. I’m already geekin’ to see the cars and bikes lined up in the parking out and excited for the dude that takes home “Best of Show” this year. FatherPalooza is going to be awesome. At the same time we kick-off a brand new series “Under The Hood” an inside look at a life of spiritual discipline.

I’ll upload the high resolution artwork for your use. I just need a couple of days to play catch up! Shoot me a link to what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Later!

Instagram Passion. Facebook Pop.


Several year’s ago I read a blog about “Avoiding the Passion Pop Gulf” from Seth Godin and it recently jumped out again with reports of Instagram users leaving the platform since the pop culture giant bought them.

Of course things will change, hopefully for the better, but the reason a small percentage of users will leave Instagram has more to do with what Seth was pointing towards with the “Passion vs Pop” culture differences.

The question I have is this What percentage of Instagram users fall in the passion crowd and what percentage mix with Facebooks Pop crowd? Post.

Design It Like You Own It

When a client wants a major refresh or even a small project I have always done my best work when told “Pretend like it’s your company and do whatever you want with it. If you like it. We’ll love it.” Can’t tell you how those words energize. It’s gives credibility, empowerment, trust, creative license and much more. I love the idea of being the CEO or CIO breaking new ground and setting the bar high.

Back in the good ol’ days when I started a small new media agency I used to love to tell clients ‘You pick the best brand and website in your industry and I’ll make yours better.’ I love a big challenge, I love the risk and the pressure. Give me a big vision and empower me to solve and execute that bad boy — you won’t be disappointed.

If you are the client. Pick a designer with a portfolio that you like! That’s the key. Then let them run with your project. If they are insightful and visionary and have some skills, you won’t be disappointed.

Design it like you own it. It’s like living someone else’s success even if for a short while.