Write it down. Then Start.

You don’t need permission. You just need to start. 

I took some time to write down my goals tonight. I’ve read recently that half of strategy of reaching goals is not to share them publicly. Sure, you need to share your goals with a couple of friends so they can hold you accountable—just sharing with everyone is not a good idea. Interesting.

Superbowl Sunday

One of the largest attended and most watched televised events is happening this weekend — the NFL Super Bowl! It’s game time and everyone is excited. It’s about a competition to find out who is the best of the best each year. Personally, I wish we were watching the Houston Texans against the Packers or Steeler’s but there’s always next year!!!

So here’s my question ‘What can the church learn from the superbowl?’ Besides the emphasis of excellence, atmosphere, energy and so on… the NFL has built up an incredible following and fan base around this one huge weekend — it’s goal and purpose to determine the best team of the season and put on an incredible show for all the fans.

So let me state the obvious – we ‘the Church’ are not here to compete with one another and certainly not here to put on a great show. We are the body of Christ and are called to work together to accomplish one goal to share the good news of Jesus Christ, reach people for him and equip them to reach others who do not yet know what He did for all of us. This was God’s original vision for us ‘The Church’.

Pro football players understand they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Let’s employ every method and means to give people a glimpse of the vision of the Church that Jesus talked about when He was with us on this earth — an incredible team of people who love God, love each other and love life.

A Revealing Question

Ok, so you’re standing side-stage just behind the curtain at the most attended leadership conference in 2011. You are speaking to the most driven, innovative and talented leaders on the planet. What will you tell them? How will you let them into your world, inspire and challenge them?

For me I love to hear people’s heart, their struggle, their journey.  I love to hear insights on new ventures and the challenges they have encountered along the way. But the truth is all those things just give credibility and set the stage.

I attended an Innovation Technology round table with the LifeChurch.tv team a year or so ago and also spent some time with Bobby Gruenwald and Terry Storch and left that day with this one question “What are you doing today? Not what did you do last month or last year, but what are you doing today?” That question was stuck on replay for hours and even days. I remember so clearly reading this very same idea in Dell’s mission and vision model — “Keep the celebration short so you can get back to Innovating.” more or less. Not sure how they measure up today but it’s still a very clear idea.

Our team decided to answer this question and started developing a prototype of church online and live streaming for our church. Three months later we were live streaming and answering questions live from stage to anyone all over the U.S. who was attending online as well as in-person (via Twitter using ParaTweet). That next month we were the front page story in the Houston Chronicle “Praise for Technology“. It was wild to say the least. How many conferences and talks will you attend before you actually decide to start making an impact?

Revealing Questions

  • What are you doing today that is making an impact?
  • What are your strengths & are you using them?
  • Do you have people in your life that challenge you to be your best?

Ok, so if the first question is not tough enough, you may find the second question a bit tougher. What are your strengths? Do you know them or are you guessing? This past year I took Strengths Finder 2.0 and the final report nailed me down as Learner, Strategic & Achiever among others. Very revealing and accurate. If you have not taken it and have not taken your team through it I highly recommend it.

But before you even do that. Take some time and inventory what you and your team have done in the past 3-6 months. Are you innovating or maintaining. Don’t get stagnant. Don’t be afraid to reveal what is truly happening in your role, team and organization.

What revealing questions have impacted you? Post here, I would love to check them out.

Raising The Bar

Thinking about Tony Morgan & Tim Stevens and the impact and influence both of these guys have on the church and where it is going. Got to meet Tony today at Grace Fellowship. He is here for a couple of days to review and give us feedback. Love what he is doing and how God is using him. He is obviously capturing the attention of leaders around the nation. Looking forward to our staff meeting tomorrow and what he has to say about this weekend and his perception of GFCFamily.

Just browsed Tim’s tweets and blog and then a GCC series promo and it felt like I read over and over what has been on my heart for some time. This is going to look obvious but “What if the church looked more like Jesus?” What if we were an army for His purpose and got off the Christianese buffet and actually started to love and care for the people who need it most? So, what would the church look like if it decided to look more like Jesus? If you have been following @TimAStevens Twitter or blog feed lately or have checked out the GCCWired website you will see they are moving closer to purpose and challenge that Jesus left for his followers. This has been on my mind more and more lately. “Churches are starting to feel like cruise ships instead of battleships.” This statement has stuck with me since Tierce Green said it just a few years ago.

Tim and GCC leadership spent some time writing a vision statement for the next five years of the church. Now this sounds like the church that Jesus told his disciples to go and lead.

The differences at Granger Community Church in the next five years will be greater than the changes of the past twenty-five combined. GCC is not just an institution or location; we are a movement of people who understand that we are Jesus’ plan to transform and heal communities. We accept the challenge and we are raising the bar.

God has called them to raise the bar to do something with the thousands of people who have gathered together in Jesus name. They are fired up — really really cool to read.

Echo Thoughts

– We are all creative, every one of us.
– Take time to listen, then listen some more.
– Quit thinking about what God has put on your heart — do it.
– Be available, take risks, prepare to “Go Big”. Stop letting yourself stall out.
– Communicate clearly, know who you are communicating with.
– Take time for others. Know their name. That is a start to a new conversation and relationship.
– Fatherlessness is killing the U.S.  What can you do about it? TheMentoringProject.org
– Tell a better story, people are rarely moved by stats and goals but by a STORY. — Donald Miller
– Go Big or Go Home – Help others execute their big vision. Your big vision will come and then you will be ready.
– Have a strategy, a plan, execute it, measure it and revise it. (repeat)
– We are not the hero. Jesus is.

Had a great time at the Echo Conference this year. Met some great people with common vision and goals. Loved sharing thoughts and ideas with peers and hearing from those who are in our world everyday. Love seeing the movement of the church and how it is again becoming less and less about the medium and more and more about the Message.

More about Echo Conference 2010 via Twitter #Echo10, Flickr Echo Conference and Echo site.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Who are your neighbors – do you love them?  If questionable maybe go back and read the first part – “LOVE the LORD your GOD” – with everything you are. Do you love you? Who God created you to be? On a scale of 0 to 10 how much do you really love who you are and the life you have right now? Do you have a clear understanding what you are to do today? Are you right where you are supposed to be – or is it a place that would rank high “In Your Comfort Zone”? Have you stepped out to risk in FAITH?

What are you doing TODAY that takes a large amount of FAITH? Are you still MOVABLE? Would you step out and risk if He asked you to?

If you really want to know where God wants you – I challenge you to journal over the next 30 days – read proverbs and get on your knees each morning and thank God for what he has done in your life then ask him to reveal his plan for you. He made you – YES he has a plan for you. Seriously, just ask. Or if I have totally confused you with this random blog post – feel free to drop me a question. I know any step of FAITH is the best step you will ever take – you will never regret it. Seek Him and you will find Him and you will find you as well.

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The Crick Family – Hospital Trek in New Zealand

My sister and her family are currently in New Zealand working to connect with the local church in Queenstown and surrounding area. My brother in law is suffering from major lower back pain and sounds like the doctors are saying he has a bulging disc. Lay-mans terms, lots of pain. Last night around 8:30pm an ambulance transported him to the nearest hospital with MRI scan capabilities so they could get an updated look at how bad his back is. Blows my mind what we take for granted here in the states. Quick info-graphic showing the trek. Took 3 hours to get there.

Google Map Link with more detail >>

Praying constantly for them. They are 100% supported by donations and are currently spending the last part of their savings on the medical expenses. You can learn more about The Crick Family at their blog. Thank you for joining us in praying for them and they definitely love reading and hearing your encouragement while they are on this journey. bit.ly/crickfamily

I will be more organized on my next post – just being a bit of a concerned brother at the moment.