Compelling Headlines & Copywriting


Creating compelling headlines & copy is a gift. And Hill Country Bible Church Austin is looking for a talented ministry-minded writer to join the innovation team. Download the details: ‪#‎hiring‬ ‪#‎austin‬ ‪#‎writing‬

Yea, It’s Worth It

Father’s Day is just a week away and we are cleaning out the garage and getting ready for an incredible weekend. I’m already geekin’ to see the cars and bikes lined up in the parking out and excited for the dude that takes home “Best of Show” this year. FatherPalooza is going to be awesome. At the same time we kick-off a brand new series “Under The Hood” an inside look at a life of spiritual discipline.

I’ll upload the high resolution artwork for your use. I just need a couple of days to play catch up! Shoot me a link to what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Later!

Kids Camp Promo Sneak Peek

Posting a quick screen grab of this year’s PZ Kids Camp promotion design concept! All fun. I use Adobe Illustrator CS4 for 3D lettering and custom vector objects. Adobe Photoshop for layout. for printing.


2012 Brand & Identity – High Resolution JPG

Custom Die-Cut proof – front & back

Superbowl Sunday

One of the largest attended and most watched televised events is happening this weekend — the NFL Super Bowl! It’s game time and everyone is excited. It’s about a competition to find out who is the best of the best each year. Personally, I wish we were watching the Houston Texans against the Packers or Steeler’s but there’s always next year!!!

So here’s my question ‘What can the church learn from the superbowl?’ Besides the emphasis of excellence, atmosphere, energy and so on… the NFL has built up an incredible following and fan base around this one huge weekend — it’s goal and purpose to determine the best team of the season and put on an incredible show for all the fans.

So let me state the obvious – we ‘the Church’ are not here to compete with one another and certainly not here to put on a great show. We are the body of Christ and are called to work together to accomplish one goal to share the good news of Jesus Christ, reach people for him and equip them to reach others who do not yet know what He did for all of us. This was God’s original vision for us ‘The Church’.

Pro football players understand they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Let’s employ every method and means to give people a glimpse of the vision of the Church that Jesus talked about when He was with us on this earth — an incredible team of people who love God, love each other and love life.

Open Innovation

I have spent the day checking out the latest websites and organizations offering resources and information for ministry outreach, growth and leadership. There are a ton of mediocre resources out there but also some excellent tools and channels. It’s just getting harder to find the good stuff.

One of the organizations I follow is I visited their online resource site today and clicked the right arrow a couple of times to see “Learning Sessions” or webinars with the team to learn best practices, do’s, don’ts and to catch up on the latest resources they are making available (Open to everyone interested for FREE). These guys get it and have for some time now. Not just because they are open and available to all churches but because there is a common thread in everything they do. Open shows up in how they connect creative resources, developers, pastors, teachers and leaders at all levels of ministry and market to build the best tools and resources.

Open is a choice and at some point chose to not keep their learnings and creative resources to themselves and the best part is they make their resources available to the public for free. This is not “new” news I know, it’s been going on for a while, but it’s obvious they are committed to the vision, they are committed to helping other churches have the greatest impact possible and they are committed to constant learning.

I want to challenge you to define where your organization is today. Are you Closed or Open. In creating and sharing new ideas, learnings and resources. It’s worth it. I bet you have some extremely valuable resources and contributors with incredible experience and ideas. I challenge you to redefine your goals and vision this year to include a focused effort towards Innovation and connecting with other like-minded organizations to achieve something greater than yourself.

Are you willing to be Open?

Don’t Hold Back

Shake off the funk and let loose who you were made to be and what you were made to do. It’s no one else’s responsibility, it’s not their decision, it’s yours. Now don’t go spewing off suppressed grievances either in your next team meeting and certainly don’t walk out on your responsibilities and commitments (not wise). If you find yourself caught in indecision, paralysis or even hopelessness — take one step forward and get some wise counsel. Find other people headed in the right direction — talk with someone who knows something about you and can help you clarify what is going on in your heart.

You know what I am talking about — you might even know what your next step is. Or maybe you don’t and that’s ok — but get busy doing something that will get you closer to where you know you are supposed to be.

If you need someone to slap you upside the head or even give you a digital high-five or hug or something, let me know. I can probably manage it. That’s it. Let me know how it goes.

Bay Area Fellowship Multisite Campuses

Had a great couple of days in Corpus Christi, Texas hanging out with the Bay Area Fellowship Multisite Campus team and wanted to post some of the photos. We toured five out of their eight campuses and all were uniquely setup while offering a consistent BAF experience. Thanks again to John Atkinson, Brandon Cunningham and Joey Davila for being excellent hosts. These guys took a day and a half out of their schedules to give us an excellent multisite experience! Amazing. Check it out via Flickr below.