THE change agent.

It’s all God, but He chooses to use us. He is at work and His presence changes everything. 

God knows how to get the job done. When was the last time that you encountered God in a way that uprooted everything in you that wasn’t His best for you? How recently did God break you and then put you back together in a better way?

You might be right where God wants you and that is a great place, but I guarantee you; there are guys around you that need God to get hold of them. They need to encounter Him. We all need that.

This week I’ve been in Acts 9 reading about how Jesus gets a hold on Saul, takes Him to the ground, and changes his life forever. AWESOME. But, here’s the part that hit me—God crushes Saul then sends Ananias to reach out to his new brother immediately after. God chose to include Ananias to reach Paul.


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Church Internet Campuses // // //

Just a quick screen capture of the live Sunday service webcast from


It’s great to see churches broadcast their service over the Internet. I wanted to see the camera angles, shots, etc. It’s always interesting to see how much effort goes into different church web casts. goes all out with an Internet Campus pastor and the option to choose worship services and more. recently launched their new Internet campus a month or so ago.

So when are we launching? That’s the question. Submitting the details for our 2009 vision and goals next week. Fun stuff.


Still bringing it. Internet Campus.