Compelling Headlines & Copywriting


Creating compelling headlines & copy is a gift. And Hill Country Bible Church Austin is looking for a talented ministry-minded writer to join the innovation team. Download the details: ‪#‎hiring‬ ‪#‎austin‬ ‪#‎writing‬

THE change agent.

It’s all God, but He chooses to use us. He is at work and His presence changes everything. 

God knows how to get the job done. When was the last time that you encountered God in a way that uprooted everything in you that wasn’t His best for you? How recently did God break you and then put you back together in a better way?

You might be right where God wants you and that is a great place, but I guarantee you; there are guys around you that need God to get hold of them. They need to encounter Him. We all need that.

This week I’ve been in Acts 9 reading about how Jesus gets a hold on Saul, takes Him to the ground, and changes his life forever. AWESOME. But, here’s the part that hit me—God crushes Saul then sends Ananias to reach out to his new brother immediately after. God chose to include Ananias to reach Paul.


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Kids Camp Promo Sneak Peek

Posting a quick screen grab of this year’s PZ Kids Camp promotion design concept! All fun. I use Adobe Illustrator CS4 for 3D lettering and custom vector objects. Adobe Photoshop for layout. for printing.


2012 Brand & Identity – High Resolution JPG

Custom Die-Cut proof – front & back

Big Dreams

Just to warn you. This is a response to a challenge to define what my BIG DREAM was and if I still had it in me to go for it.  If you don’t know my story this may seem a bit odd but here you go. This is the bullet point version with many gaps but it’s a start.

Part I – Us

I am working daily to clarify my BIG DREAM but as of right now it’s making sure our kiddos know they are loved and that they have a solid foundation for life. To find out how to consistently love my wife Myra in the way she needs. We are both so broken it’s tough sometimes. By broken, I mean we have survived excruciating loss. I’ll have to write a book on all that but trust me when I say broken for us is sometimes best described as a black hole. So the first part of my ‘dream’ is to get ‘us’ right. That’s a huge deal.

Part II – Connected 

I would love to start a “connected” community hub that integrates tech/design/new media & a mentor/relationship with real accountability for people who want to step off a path that leads to nowhere onto a path with possibility. Accountability for personal goals but also measurement for real world – real impact goals.

To underline that while we have this awesome time on Earth we also are a part of a larger plan. We were created to love Him and love others. To share His story of sacrifice for us. He could have come to this earth to destroy us… to punish us… which is what we have seemed to do very well on our own. But He chose to send His son to let us know there is a different choice, even in pain, hurt and wounds — we could still choose to love.

Part III – Discovery

I think my dream is to be what I have always wanted. A real encouraging, loving, friend. The issue, for me at least to is being able to look past my own void and actually be just that. Most of the time I am the exact opposite. Especially to those I love the most. Not cool but true.

That’s a start for me. What’s your BIG DREAM?

Bay Area Fellowship Multisite Campuses

Had a great couple of days in Corpus Christi, Texas hanging out with the Bay Area Fellowship Multisite Campus team and wanted to post some of the photos. We toured five out of their eight campuses and all were uniquely setup while offering a consistent BAF experience. Thanks again to John Atkinson, Brandon Cunningham and Joey Davila for being excellent hosts. These guys took a day and a half out of their schedules to give us an excellent multisite experience! Amazing. Check it out via Flickr below.

New Mobile App Launch

Just released a brand new GFC App today to the Android Market. It’s in beta of course so if you find any bugs or weird happenings – leave feedback here on the blog. Also, happy to say that is meeting our need for mobile content pretty well. It’s great to have a Free option to create and publish mobile apps to test the water and see where and how it would be wise to invest further. I am pretty happy with the solutions for both iPhone and Android. The Android functionality is limited to RSS feeds mostly but allows users to access our streaming media, flickr, blog posts and some social media.

By the way, publishing an Android App is about 1000 times simpler than the iPhone app. Excellent work Google for keeping things simple.

So what’s the cost so far, about 40 hours of my time, $99 Apple Developer Registration fee & $0 zero for Android. Working on publishing the Microsoft Windows version at the moment, invested another $99 App Hub registration fee but should be good to go after another several rounds of inefficient communication with Microsoft =) (Sorry, but if you only knew.)

Simply Influential in 2010

When designing, developing, drafting a marketing plan or trying to problem solve in general I like to boil things down to the basics and use what is necessary and/or effective. Here is a quick list of the organizations and sites that I have peeked at most this year. Some are simple and some complex. Each of these sites have a different purpose and focus but all do a good job of carving out their own path.

BTW, All of these organizations have something in common — their culture, brand and purpose is clear and well executed. Online and Off.

Ready to rock out a new solution for my church. It’s clean and simple for sure but it needs to integrate better with what’s happening online. We should integrate a GFC blog stream video & text, add a layer over Facebook (API) and even look for a more integrated media toolset to feed the rapidly growing demand for mobile devices. Also, while we are under the hood, ramp up analytics and CRM functionality to improve our connection/communication.

What sites inspired or influenced you this year? Or which did you use the most? Post a link/comment