Write it down. Then Start.

You don’t need permission. You just need to start. 

I took some time to write down my goals tonight. I’ve read recently that half of strategy of reaching goals is not to share them publicly. Sure, you need to share your goals with a couple of friends so they can hold you accountable—just sharing with everyone is not a good idea. Interesting.

Instagram Passion. Facebook Pop.


Several year’s ago I read a blog about “Avoiding the Passion Pop Gulf” from Seth Godin and it recently jumped out again with reports of Instagram users leaving the platform since the pop culture giant bought them.

Of course things will change, hopefully for the better, but the reason a small percentage of users will leave Instagram has more to do with what Seth was pointing towards with the “Passion vs Pop” culture differences.

The question I have is this What percentage of Instagram users fall in the passion crowd and what percentage mix with Facebooks Pop crowd? Post.

Echo Thoughts

– We are all creative, every one of us.
– Take time to listen, then listen some more.
– Quit thinking about what God has put on your heart — do it.
– Be available, take risks, prepare to “Go Big”. Stop letting yourself stall out.
– Communicate clearly, know who you are communicating with.
– Take time for others. Know their name. That is a start to a new conversation and relationship.
– Fatherlessness is killing the U.S.  What can you do about it? TheMentoringProject.org
– Tell a better story, people are rarely moved by stats and goals but by a STORY. — Donald Miller
– Go Big or Go Home – Help others execute their big vision. Your big vision will come and then you will be ready.
– Have a strategy, a plan, execute it, measure it and revise it. (repeat)
– We are not the hero. Jesus is.

Had a great time at the Echo Conference this year. Met some great people with common vision and goals. Loved sharing thoughts and ideas with peers and hearing from those who are in our world everyday. Love seeing the movement of the church and how it is again becoming less and less about the medium and more and more about the Message.

More about Echo Conference 2010 via Twitter #Echo10, Flickr Echo Conference and Echo site.

Godin and Gladwell for a Big Three “Rear Kicking” Summit


Auto dealership photo from wired.

Revolutionary Change and Brilliance for $1
What if we all pitched in $1 each and hired Seth Godin and Malcom Gladwell to speak at a live stream “tv, radio, internet” event in Chicago reviewing the next 3-5 year strategy and business plan for The Big Three automakers. I say yes. It is time for GM, Chrysler and Ford to hire the best. Or better yet we can “lease” them for a 2-day summit. Leasing is always better, except when it’s not.

Or we can save our money if they will just empower some of the visionary minds and hearts already in their organizations to help them re-invent.  Your thoughts?

Just in case your in for $1

While we are at it. Let’s apply the same concept to the church.

Envision. Energize. Execute.


Still compiling notes from some outstanding talks with amazing leaders this week. To quickly summarize the things that stood out the most are vision, energy, strategy and execution. They all have it, they all live it and they all expect it. If we are going to be effective in the marketplace, ministry or anywhere for that matter – we need to lead. Check out the line-up below, blog posts to come this week.

Part I
Glenn Gienko

Executive Human Resources – Retired
Topic: “Leading with Strategy & Integrity” – (Talk plus Q&A – Half Day)

Part II
Bobby Gruenwald, Terry Storch, Craig Groeshel, John Otjen


Pastors, Digerati & Innovation Team
Topic: “Innovation, Technology, Church Online & More” – (Round table and Tour 2-Days)

Part III
Kerry Shook


Senior Pastor and Best Selling Author One Month to Live
Topic: “Capturing the wonder of an untamed God.” (Staff Refresh 1-Day)

Stay tuned. Can’t wait. Peace.

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